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Buddha’s been keeping me company a lot lately. Too many things have been making me sad.

I long for enlightenment. Understanding. Peace.

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Some people turn to writing out their feelings in order to reduce their level of stress or anxiety. This is one of the very effective coping mechanisms that you can try. Chances are you will feel much better after you express your feelings on paper as it will be like getting it off your chest, which is usually a good thing, rather than keeping everything bottled up inside of you.

In this article below you will discover three coping mechanisms you can include in your life to aid you in handling stress that you are faced with. With the exception of the massages, you have total control over the others. Check it out and start lowering your stress level today.

Recommendations for Stressful Dynamics when Handling Stress

Unwinding yourself, as well as your emotional state, has been proven to assist greatly in the control of stress headaches, according to studies on the topic. In this article we will teach you some coping mechanisms to help you

Here is a great video that is quite comprehensive about what causes stress in our lives, both the negative events like being fired,for example, and the positive events such as getting married. In addition it explores stress’s effect on our overall health and then in the last minute of the video (for those of you who may not want to watch the entire video even though it’s only 3 minutes and 14 seconds long you get a list of coping mechanisms you can implement into your life to reduce the effects of stress on you.

Health And Stress Are They related?

Short video on health and stress and coping mechanisms

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