Mental Breakdown

A mental breakdown is a very disruptive, although usually temporary event in a person’s life. There are many factors that can bring on a mental breakdown including stress from a divorce or relationship breakup, loss of a job or stress with a difficult boss, illness of a family member and many many more. Our lives are filled with stress and if we do not learn how to relieve stress to give our bodies a rest, the effects could build up to the extent that we no longer can cope and we have a breakdown.

Do you know the symptoms of a Mental Breakdown? I think you should, just in case, so that you know when it’s time to do something about the stressors in your life before you either have a mental breakdown or get some disease caused by your stress.

Do you have feelings of severe depression? If so this could be a sign that you are headed for a mental breakdown. Do not ignore these feelings. Rather you should follow through until you find the source of the feelings and deal with it.

If you have a feeling that you’re out of tough with reality, this again is a symptoms of a mental breakdown so you need to deal with it.

Are you finding it difficult to live up to your life’s obligations, whether at work or at home?

Here is a list of some other symptoms of a mental breakdown;

1.  Extreme fatigue

2. Feeling of worthlessness

3. Uncontrollable crying

4. Feeling Confused

5. Feeling Disoriented

6. Feeling weak

7. Migraine headaches

8. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

9. Breathing problems and many more.

10. Feeling jumpy i.e everything startles or upsets you

You might also find that your self-esteem has diminished as well as your confidence. Have you recently experienced extreme weight loss or gain? How are you sleeping at night? If you are finding yourself having very disrupted sleep this could be a sign that you should pay great attention to.

Do you suffer with feelings of guilt and despair? Again pay attention to this and dig deeper until you find the cause and deal with it before matters get even worse.

In extreme cases there are people who are unable to even move they are so paralyzed by this. Yes, it can get this serious. Get help if you are relating with any of these symptoms before it gets too bad.

A Mental Breakdown is a serious matter so here is a handy resource that many use to help them cope with stress overload;

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